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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is the difference with building in a factory
  2. What is the usual process
  3. What costs are involved for getting the designs to site?
  4. Can I get a First Home Owners Grant with a modular home?
  5. Do we have to use the Builtsmart designs?
  6. Can I complete areas myself?
  7. Can i use certain products

1.   What is the difference with building in a factory


Building your Builtsmart modular projects in the factory has many benefits.

We are precision ordering and cutting to save wastage and can guarantee high quality control.

Building undercover means no wasted days due to weather constraints.

Building off site leaves landscaping on your property less impacted with less people walking through the site and for much less time.

Please contact us on 1800 233 435 to find out more.






2.   What is the usual process


Meet with one of experienced representatives, see our designs first hand and learn more about the modular building process.



Arrange your free site inspection with Builtsmart's highly qualified Site Manager.



Now you're ready to move forward, it's time to finalise your design. We offer a comprehensive selection of energy efficent designs. Our team also works with clients to create custom designed homes working closely with archtects or building designers if required. You will receive a detailed cost estimate outlining all project inclusions. On approval, Builtsmart will undergo all planning and approval requirements. We work with you to complete all colour selections and sign off on all plans for production.



Once a contract is in place, construction can begin on your new home. The construction phase consists of 4 major progress stages. Builtsmart's 4-stage construction process is designed to ease the cost of purchasing a home offering manageable payments as we complete the build.

Stage 1 : Procurement of materials, chassis and structural frame build

Stage 2 : Factory Fix Out

Stage 3 : Factory Completion

Stage 4 : Practical Completion



The Builtsmart installation team will commence site works during the Stage 4 of construction, allowing us to prepare for the delivery of your new home and minimise potential delays. Your 90% complete home is transported to your designated site and the finishing touches will be added. The Builtsmart team signs off on production and a final inspection will occur to ensure you are happy with your home and handover your new home keys.





3.   What costs are involved for getting the designs to site?


Each project is different and at Builtsmart we do like to price each delivery specifically to ensure you are not any additional fees.

There are many variables for transportation which is the distance, tolls, access and the amount of module sections being transported.

There is also the crane for picking up the modules off the truck and installing on the pre placed footings. The size of crane required will depend on the distance from truck to footings and the weight of the modules being lifted.





4.   Can I get a First Home Owners Grant with a modular home?

Yes. There is no difference for the modular build process for the grant.

You will need to make sure you meet the criteria, link below.






5.   Do we have to use the Builtsmart designs?

Not at all.

Feel free to adjust any of our original designs to suit your needs and/or land.

Bring in a sketch or architect design plan and we can make your design possible. 





6.   Can I complete areas myself?

Yes most definitely.

Builtsmart is able to build to a stage of construction that suits either your scope of works or your budget.





7.   Can i use certain products


We have our Builtsmart designed standard inclusions and exclusions but are more than happy to price upgrades to suit or you can supply your own products to be used.